Soup Of The Day

Posted: October 10, 2021 by ishant

Ask The Server for our Daily Fresh Soup

Dynamite Prawns

Posted: April 27, 2022 by ishant

Battered fried prawns with chef’s special dynamite sauce served on Chinese cabbage

Baby Rocket with Grilled Prawns

Posted: by ishant

Baby rocket leaves with French dressing, pomegranate grilled shrimps, and Parmesan cheese on the top

Quinoa with Avocado

Posted: by ishant

Avocado, mixed quinoa, red current, edamame, orange segment, Pecan nuts, and Asian mix with orange dressing

Kale and Chicken

Posted: by ishant

Kale leaves, apricot, dried prune, sesame seeds, and BBQ grilled chicken with lemon oil dressing

Classic Caesar Salad

Posted: by ishant

Romaine lettuce tossed with classic Caesar dressing served with Grilled chicken or Grilled prawns and garlic bread

Fried Beef Salad

Posted: by ishant

Fried noodle, beans sprout, carrot, radish, black beans, mango, spring onion, coriander, mint leaves and baby gem tossed with Thai chili sauce served with marinated beef tenderloin

Crispy Calamari

Posted: by ishant

Breaded crispy calamari rings served with tartar sauce


Posted: by ishant

Buratta served with heirloom tomato with olive oil balsamic caviar

Grilled Meat Loaf

Posted: by ishant

Seasoned chicken blended with carrot, leeks, parsley and onion with BBQ sauce