Egg Benedict

Posted: October 7, 2021 by ishant

Classic egg benedict with smoked salmon and sautéed kale on toasted croissant hollandaise sauce on the top

Assorted Bread Basket

Posted: by ishant

Cereal bread, white and brown sliced bread with butter and jam.

(Dairy, Gluten)

Croissant like Sandwich

Posted: April 27, 2022 by ishant

Lettuce tomato, Spread Cheese, smoked salmon with omelet on the croissant

Healthy Breakfast

Posted: by ishant

Homemade granola tossed with dried, fresh fruits and Greek yoghurt

Turkish Egg

Posted: by ishant

A typical Turkish breakfast. Perfectly poached eggs that are served over labneh finished with a warm spicy olive oil


Posted: by ishant

Three pieces of Pancake with choice of Banana/ Apple/chocolate/ strawberry flavor sauce

Avocado and Toast

Posted: by ishant

Two poached eggs with Mashed seasoned avocado with baby rocket and smoked salmon

Joe’s Breakfast

Posted: by ishant

Choice of two eggs with grilled cherry tomato bunch, grilled chicken sausages, sautéed mixed mushroom, baked beans and rosti potato

French Toast on Cereal Bread

Posted: by ishant

Flavored French toast with Cereal bread with caramel sauce, mixed berries and ice cream

Cheese Toasty

Posted: by ishant

Melted emmental cheddar and mozzarella cheese on toasted cereal bread served with salad